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Bad Company

Peter Milligan

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Bad Company by Peter Milligan
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 27 February 2013
We're in bad company!

Danny Franks from 1st colony division is a "raw" soldier recently deployed to Ararat to fight the beastly Krool. This weird and wonderful planet, which if taken, will give the enemy a strategic launching pad to attack Earth itself must be held at all cost.

Still wet behind the ears, Danny and a few other recruits find themselves in teaming up with Bad Company; a ragtag group of tough guy mutants lead by the no nonsense Kano. It's not long before the boys discover the realities and tragedies of war.

Hearing the story from Danny's diary entries, we're taken on an adventure through a strange land as the band fights a helpless war. Bad Company is an excellent war epic with some of the best story telling from 2000AD. Taking familiar topics and placing them in a timeless setting with imaginative characters, cool action sequences and unique comic layouts. Apocalypse Now meets Predator.