Star Trek Visions of Law & Justice by Robert H. Chaires and Bradley Chilton (Editors)
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 30 March 2013

Star Trek Visions of Law & Justice

Author: Robert H. Chaires and Bradley Chilton (Editors)

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

The Star Trek fictional universe offers up wonders both technological and natural to its viewers. Seldom explained however, is how such a drastic change to human lifestyle and culture would impact its legal and administrative systems.

With such changes and social progress, major shifts in the laws pertaining to travel, privacy, trade, rights and war would be inevitable. This book, made up by a series of essays, explores the topic of law and justice by predicting what kind of legalities would or could exist in such a different society progressed from our own, with inter-planetary relationships no less. By referencing our current experiences with internal and international law, the book finds that the legal system in Star Trek would take on the same cultural qualities as presented by Star Trek's humans and a much more trusting, less formal and far less administrative legal system seems to emerge.

The book, through its examination, also argues that Star Trek (due to its place in popular culture) can and has been used as reference in the academy of law to help explain the current legal system  to students.

Though this book is written from the perspective of the American legal system, it is still a worthy read elsewhere as it helps to identify key differences between our present day earth culture in terms of law and justice, and what profound effects a radical shift in human culture (like that in Star Trek) would have on it.