Mazeworld by Alan Grant
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 6th July 2014


Author: Alan Grant
Artist: Arthur Ranson

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

Adam Cadman has committed a crime so heinous that its warranted the punishment of death by hanging, the first execution to be conducted in many years. As he awaits death, he stands as defiant in the face of his judgement, showing no remorse and seeking no forgiveness.

As the rope tightens around his neck, Adam passes into Mazeworld. A strange and beautiful place filled with labyrinths where he is declared The Hooded One; prophesied to liberate the people from tyrannical rule. Adam must choose whether to fulfil the prophesy or follow his instincts of self preservation.

Filled with many Mayan and Medieval motifs, Mazeworld still manages to blend science fiction themes within its fantastic mythological style. A unique piece in the realm of 2000AD, which generally offers more tongue-in-cheek cyberpunk affairs. Alan Grant delivers something darker and deeper in this introspective horror story which features beautiful yet disturbing artwork by Arthur Ranson.

Mazeworld is a gripping psychological thriller in the vein of Jacob's Ladder and Angel Heart. A story of one man's inner turmoil, struggling to answer whether he is worthy of redemption.