The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 11th June 2013

The New York Trilogy

Author: Paul Auster

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

A collection of three detective stories, The New York Trilogy combines Paul Auster's works set in the big apple. His masterful atmospheric writing pulls the reader right into a gritty, grey and timeless New York and leaves them chasing shadows.

City of Glass begins the set like any standard private eye short before flipping the world inside out on the reader as the detective descends into madness.

Continuing the "meta-detective" style in Ghosts, the descent into madness is played out by the private-eye Blue, who is not able to detach himself from his case, Black. His obsession, along with Auster's choice of nouns blur things for the reader, making it difficult to distinguish who's who as we join the protagonist in his identity crisis.

In The Locked Room, the themes of identity and transformation are complete, as a writer, struggling with his next piece, replaces another writer he has know since childhood. 

Bizarre but accessible, simple yet frustrating - the mysteries in The New York Trilogy don't unfold but rather become more and more twisted. If you want something straight forward, look elsewhere, but if you want an interesting challenge, look no further.