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Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey
Art: I.N.J. Culbard

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Deadbeats by Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 8th July 2013
You find food, eat it - Don't matter if you're hungry or not - No knowin' when you'll eat again.

A 1920s jazz band find themselves on the run from Chicago Mob Boss Carbone’s Nephew, Tony. All because their - too smart for his own good - trumpet player Lester Lane helps a damsel in distress from Tony's advances. Desperate to get out of town, good fortune would have it that their agent needs a band to play out in Illinois for a funeral. Strange as it sounds they take the job and head out of town faster than you can say "All that jazz".

Something seems awry when they arrive at the strange house in a strange town and the preacher's mysterious daughter gives them some eerie music to rehearse. Things got from bad to worse when Lester's improvisation doesn't meet the note perfect rendition requirements and all hell literally breaks loose!

A cheeky twist on the Gothic horror genre with cool cats and a roaring twenties setting. Quick, easy to read and lots of fun; Deadbeats is an action packed fast paced HP Lovecraft meets Al Capone rollicking good time.

Culbard's stylish artwork leaps right off the page as loud as the jazz that you'll hear as you read. While the intense colour palette perfectly reflects the time and tone which resonates over the accented dialogue.