Dead Harvest (The Collector Book One) by Chris F. Holm
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 2nd October 2013

Dead Harvest (The Collector Book One)

Author: Chris F. Holm

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

In a desperate attempt to save his wife, Samuel Thornton strikes a deal with the underground figure Dumas but what he doesn't realise is he's literally sold his soul in the process. Years later, as a Collector on just another routine job collecting the soul of a damned, Samuel takes a trip to New York city but quickly discovers he's been sent to collect an innocent, leaving him in a no win situation. Sam can't take innocent souls - yet not taking the soul of one judged damned, is as likely to literally break all hell loose.

Left with both Angels and Demons hunting him down and few allies he can trust, Samuel and his would be victim Kate need to stay Earth-side long enough to clear her name and restore order to the destructive chaos.

Dead Harvest is a frantic, fun and fantastic mystery with a refreshing and modern take on Christian mythology by Holm. The superhero noir twist and the way Samuel's origin story in intertwined with the present day plot is unique, adding mush more than exposition.

The first in what looks to be a very entertaining cult series. Dead Harvest is a quick and entertaining read with sharp dialogue, black humour and great action setups. There's also a bit going on between the lines, ensuring it will stick around despite it's pulp fiction style.

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