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X-Men: Longshot

Ann Nocenti
Art: Art Adams

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
X-Men: Longshot by Ann Nocenti
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 25 March 2015

Running from a group of aggressive pursuers in a hellish place, Longshot finds himself on Earth in the first few frames of the series. With no memory of where he came from, his lucky escape soon becomes a journey of re-discovery as this strange new world creates visions of his past life.

As Longshot tries to come to grips with Earth and the people he meets, he becomes an accidental villain, pursued by the Evil rulers of his home world as well as the heroes of Earth. With strange companions like a demon dog known as Magog and a host of other Marvel characters, Longshot slowly begins to understand the mystery of Earth and his true identity as his adventure unfolds.

A satirical quest for meaning and freedom which though not exactly an “X-Men” story (at least from my understanding of that universe), Longshot is a fun ride with plenty of Marvel universe tie-ins. At times, Longshot feels a bit like a 2000AD tale, with its cyberpunk styling and quirky wordplay comedy. Fun, fast and deceptively complex; Longshot is a quirky standalone Marvel comic about a naively fortunate, inadvertently charming, Robin Hood-esque amnesiac with a good heart.

Tags: Marvel X-Men