The Wrong Goodbye (The Collector Book Two) by Chris F. Holm
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 19th October 2013

The Wrong Goodbye (The Collector Book Two)

Author: Chris F. Holm

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

Samuel Thornton is back for another supernatural soul collecting adventure and this time it's personal! The Wrong Goodbye kicks into gear with our unlucky hero sent to collect the corrupted soul of a drug lord somewhere in the remote Colombian jungle. Just another day on the job... But when an old friend arrives to seek Sam's help, mystery and madness ensue. With a freshly picked soul in the hands of another Collector, Sam finds himself with an unlikely, undead and unwanted partner in a race against time to appease his handler and a very impatient deliverant.

Unlike the first book in the series (Dead Harvest), which tackles an apocalyptic theme head on, The Wrong Goodbye starts a little more grounded and builds up gradually. Working both as a sequel to Dead Harvest or stand alone story, due to enough seamless recapping that tells you all you need to know if you don't, but never to much if you do. A whodunit which tackles friendship, loyalty, addiction and the soul's search for peace.

Chris F. Holm is building an interesting world in this action packed run of books, with a fresh new spin on old icons. The first person narration by our body jumping protagonist is a quirky mix of black humour and wise cracks. Sam Thornton; our soul searching, soul collecting, eternally damned hero could soon be the main character on a hit TV show (think Dexter meets True Blood)... so get reading!
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