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Fish Bites Cop: Stories to Bash Authorities

David James Keaton

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Fish Bites Cop: Stories to Bash Authorities by David James Keaton
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 2nd January 2014

Humour horror writer David James Keaton's collected tales of authority bashing give off a wacky satirical feel. No holds are barred in this series of crazy mini stories all centered around run-ins with various authority figures (namely police officers).

This twisted bit of fiction is manic, adult and best ignored by those easily offended. Readers will need to adjust there reading-o-odometer to keep up with the pace of the writing as well as the dense plot beats. Though this works wonderfully to demonstrate the blend of pulp, comic and noir storytelling visually, can also be exhausting if trying to read these dense shorts one after the other.

Comedy is not really my cup of tea when it comes to novels, however these tales are short, with enough meat on the bones and clever subtext sprawling between the lines that I found this book perfect for holiday flight reading.

Tags: Comedy