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Frank Miller
Art: Lynn Varley

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Ronin by Frank Miller
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 27 August 2012
I live for the day when I may die in your service...

A dark cyber punk future meets feudal Japan in this vast action adventure about duty and redemption.

When his master is killed, the Samurai is dishonoured, ashamed and left to wander as a Ronin until he can find redemption through vengeance. For years, carrying his masters sword he seeks the shapeshifting demon Agat. The sword; filled with the blood of evil men protects him from the demon, but will only be able to destroy it with the blood of an innocent.

Frank Miller grafts the human elements of feudal Japan such as honour and loyalty with technological questions regarding bio-mechanics as machinery demands efficiency and logic. This is a very ambitious comic book with a story that spans both an historic and future world.

The art work is perhaps the best I've seen from the Frank Miller/Lynn Varley duo, despite it being one of their first. The use of vibrant palettes on each spread is notable and iconic.

Despite being best known for other works such as The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City, I believe Ronin is Frank Miller's best work. Free from the shackles of existing characters, Miller has devised a wholly original story.