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Button Man: Get Harry Ex

John Wagner
Art: Arthur Ranson

Reviewed by Lorenzo
Button Man: Get Harry Ex by John Wagner
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 8th May 2014
There's a quality a man gets, a kinda deep down cold. I know, I got it in me. An' you got it too.

When ex-solider and mercenary Harry Exton is approached by an old military colleague to join him in a game which despite its risks, could lead to several large pay days, he jumps at the chance to do what he does best, kill.

The game is run by men know only as Voices, who pit their Button Men against each other in a deadly dual. Harry soon begins to thrive, making a name for himself among the players and voices alike. However after a particularly difficult match up, Harry decides he's had enough, the problem is however, as he'd been warned, there is no quitting.

Button Man surprised me with its originality, especially in that the man as prey concept had been done many times, featuring prominently in films during the 80s and 90s. John Wagner gives this a interesting London underground vibe and slowing expands the universe through the three part story. Arthur Ranson's dreamlike artwork, which had gripped me in Alan Grant's Mazeworld and really suits the dirty and dark mood of the story and is one of the truly unique styles in comic books.

A violent atmospheric journey through an underworld of gambling, corruption and the value of life.