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Nemesis The Warlock

By Pat Mills
Artwork by Kevin O'Neill

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Nemesis The Warlock by Pat Mills
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 5th July 2014
Be pure! Be vigilant! Behave!

In a distant future, Humans live beneath the remains of their post-nuclear war Earth in cities strung together by elaborate tunneled pipe roads. The dystopian society is lead by Torquemada - ruler of the Terran empire, who with his Terminators, fanatically seek out to eradicate all mutant and alien life whom they see as a threat to human survival.

What makes Nemesis The Warlock stand out is its strange and grotesque settings as Pat Mills weaves together medi-eval imagery with science fiction concepts in a wonderfully fantastical universe. Considering the short run, the world building within the pages is quite remarkable as a rich history and vast backdrop creates very high stakes for the characters. Furthermore, the choice of using a daemonic dragon-like alien as it's protagonist is noteworthy. Nemesis, a freedom fighter who pits himself against the human ruling class makes the story a challenging read, as we sympathise with those so different from ourselves. This clever juxtaposition gives an added highlight to the saga.

Nemesis the Warlock is a story of rebellion told with amazingly colourful and detailed artwork well worth a look. If the The Chrysalids met Braveheart in Mega-City One, you'd get something like this.