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The Secret Service: Kingsman

Mark Millar
Art: Dave Gibbons

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
The Secret Service: Kingsman by Mark Millar
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 11 February 2015

As celebrities are being kidnapped and MI6 agents are falling in the line of fire, secret service agent Jack London is busting his nephew Gary out of jail for the umpteenth time. Finally realising Gary is destined for a fate worse than lock up if he doesn't intervene, gives Gary a chance to put his street smarts to good use and join the British secret service.

Finally free from his past life, his mugger like clothes and style are gone as he becomes a suave agent modeled after his uncle. As Gary progresses, however, through his training a more sinister plan than kidnapping starts to emerge.

All in all, Kingsman is yet another high-octane, twist spinning action adventure from Millar whose drop kick turned superhero trope works here because Gary is genuinely a character you can get behind.