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Green Arrow Vol. 1: Hunters Moon

Mike Grell
Art: Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Green Arrow Vol. 1: Hunters Moon by Mike Grell
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 5 August 2015

After the dark, gritty and back-to-basics setup for the character in The Longbow Hunters Mike Grell's run of Green Arrow comics continues with Oliver and Dinah coming to grips with the events of their first adventure in Seattle. The nature of the couple's relationship demonstrates Grell's interest in really studying the character of Oliver and Dinah as much as showcasing the action sequences of their vigilante alter-egos (Green Arrow and Black Canary).

Hunters Moon also underscores the darker tone Mike Grell took with DC Comic's Emerald Archer with stories in the tone of psychological and espionage thrillers. Presenting Oliver as a veteran allows theses stories to explore themes such as change and aging as Oliver and Dinah find themselves in a place they don't understand at a pivotal time in their relationship. 

Grell's writing is matched by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano who deliver very graphic artwork for a superhero comic. Each panel reflecting the 80's action thriller genre perfectly.

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