From Hell by Alan Moore
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 19 October 2012

From Hell

Author: Alan Moore
Artist: Eddie Campbell

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

A dark and disturbing take on the dark and disturbing Jack the Ripper murders. Alan Moore's ambitious Victorian era thriller is not for the faint hearted.rnrnFrom Hell is a symphony of interesting characters, violent gore, London architecture and occult ritual. Placing the murders or prostitutes between a royal cover up and a madman.rnrnPerhaps Alan Moore's most accomplished piece of writing with exquisite art to match from Eddie Campbell who's frenzied style matches the tone of voice perfectly in each frame.

Nothing like Moore's more popular titles which though have their own subversive nature and dark subject matter, From Hell is something else entirely. A horrifying look into the mind of a serial killer and an exploration of Queen Victoria's reign as she sits rooted to her throne.rnrnThe comic is methodical with the extensive research and attention to detail coming through. Everything from the writing to layout is done with surgical precision.rnrnFor those who have seen the movie adaptation, don't skip the book which inspired it. As though it spares a premise, it is in lots of ways very different and told from a somewhat alternate perspective.