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The Death of Superman

Art: Various

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
The Death of Superman by Various
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 8 November 2015

Despite a few cryptic and ominous opening panels, it's business as usual for Kent Clark and Co. An uprising incident is quickly put to an end in time for Superman's appearance on television to talk about being a hero for a nation wide broadcast aimed at school children.

Meanwhile however, a strange giant is rampaging through the outskirts of Metropolis and the rest of the Justice League of American confront it without the man of steel. Though outnumbered, this new menace, coined Doomsday by his foes in the midst of a gruesome battle is barely phased by the teams strongest attacks.

When Superman joins his allies things are not well for Earth's protectors. Knowing he must do whatever it takes to save Metropolis from this unstoppable threat.

The Death of Superman works for various reasons, ultimately because it brings the heroic messiah motif to it's end; ultimate sacrifice. Also, as a suspenseful narrative because the Man of Steel must come face-to-face (or fist-to-fist) with an enemy as strong, if not stronger than himself without having to introduce a strength damping plot device (ie. Kryptonite or magic).

It's not surprising that this comic is marketed as "The Best-Selling Graphic Novel of All Time!" However it lives up to the hype of it's proposed subject matter and the large team assembled to tell the tragic story of Superman's death produce a well told story packed with action and suspense.