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The Return of Superman

Art: Various

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
The Return of Superman by Various
Cover concept by Lorenzo Princi, 8 November 2015

Superman sightings are being reported from all over Metropolis; some claim he is now a young boy, others a man covered in skin of steel. Some report of a violent vigilante whereas others tell of a Superman returned as a Kryptonian Cyborg.

Still grieving the loss of Clark Kent, Lois Lane chases down these impostors to get to the truth. Though not wanting to give up hope that her Clark has in fact returned she can't but help her suspicions with each of the new supermen.

The Return of Superman completes The Death of Superman trilogy with a series of vignette adventures focusing on each of the new supermen. These short chapter weave together a complex as each fight crime in a much more violent way than Superman ever did, leaving a trail of fear rather than hope. Beneath these facade however a much more sinister plot unfolds leaving us to wander, will the real Superman return?

In The Return of Superman we find out in an adequate and satisfying payoff to the saga yet it could have been a little tighter. It is as long as the first two parts of the saga combined.