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Journey To The Centre of The Earth

Jules Verne

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Journey To The Centre of The Earth by Jules Verne
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 17 January 2016
If you don't make mistakes you'll never make anything.

When Axel helps his uncle decipher an old runic script by famous alchemist Arne Saknussemm he knows he's going to be in for a grand adventure. The intrepid German Professor Lidenbrock won't let the promise of such discovers pass him by, recruiting his hesitant nephew on the remarkable, Journey To The Centre of The Earth.

Taking hidden paths beneath an Icelandic volcano along with the handy Hans, the trio discover a world beneath the Earth filled with wonders of the past and marvels both strange, beautiful and monstrous. Chapter by chapter they descend, Axel longing for home and his beloved Gretel while is ever dubious about the journey, his uncle however, fearless and positive, pushes on past every hurdle they face on his mission to reach the core. Hans, employed by the duo, will continue the journey so long as he receives his pay.

Jules Verne's epic adventure is filled with imagination and a romanticism of discovery. The three very different main characters; Axel (intelligent and cautious), the Professor (bold and impatient) and Hans (pragmatic and resourceful) partake in suspenseful and often comedic episodes along their journey. A classic tale which celebrates and demonstrates the importance of practical discovery.