Around The World In Eighty Days by Jules Verne
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 1 February 2016

Around The World In Eighty Days

Author: Jules Verne

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

Jules Verne's thrill ride is perfectly paced and filled with intrigue. Wasting no time to get the plot moving, the mysterious and ultra-precise Phileas Fogg wages he'll be able to journey around the world in no more than eighty days with his fellow Reform Club members, who think he's setting himself up for failure.

The journey around the world soon becomes a cat and mouse chase when Scotland Yard detective Mr. Fix becomes convinced that Fogg's eccentric wager is in fact a cover to help him escape London after a great robbery. His rushed departure and the money involved in the bet adds credence to the allegation.

Fun, suspenseful and very witty; Around The World In Eighty Days has a premise that instantly sets the tone of the narrative and starts a ticking clock that pulses all the way through its tightly woven plot, where every action, missed connection and conversation help create the perfect adventure.