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Green Arrow Vol. 8: The Hunt For The Red Dragon

Mike Grell
Art: Rick Hoberg and John Nyberg

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Green Arrow Vol. 8: The Hunt For The Red Dragon by Mike Grell
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 17 July 2017
The greatest art in nature is man himself.

Enjoying a quiet Christmas with Dinah was never going to last, Oliver is abruptly summoned by a mysterious, wealthy and obviously powerful man offering him a rare gift and large amount of money for the Green Arrow's services. Tasked with finding a mysterious woman in Japan who wears a distinct tattoo of a red dragon, he quickly realises his path must once more cross with Shado and with it, bring up many repressed memories and emotions. 

Oliver's employer, Ronald Quaid, seeks to make up for his father's sins which weigh heavily on his consciousness and believes offering Shado money will restore his honour. Knowing he is the only one who can lure Shado out of hiding, Oliver sets out on one of the more personal missions the Green Arrow has faced.

Despite a basic setup and plot, The Hunt for The Red Dragon is well executed and develops the complex relationship between Oliver, Dinah and Shado and their unique love triangle is far and away the best aspect of the series. Another very well handled volume by Grell and Co. which elevates the story with some poignant moments despite it's fairly standard plot with a twist you'll see coming a mile out.

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