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Capello | Portrait of A Winner

Gabriele Marcotti

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Capello | Portrait of A Winner by Gabriele Marcotti
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 10th May 2014
When Capello became manager of England, few Britons knew more about him than a set of clichés.

That quote on the cover was about all the convincing I needed to purchase this book as I had previously joked with friends about that sentiment when Fabio Capello was appointed manager of England's National Football Team.

I only needed a few solid reading hours to complete this engrossing biography. Marcotti gives us facts about Capello's life which most people would not know about which shaped his managerial style and I quickly found out I may have been just like the English fans described above. I had known mostly everything about Capello's feats as a manager, but little about the man behind them.

Covering his early life, especially his relationship with his father in regards to football and career as a player but more interestingly, he time away from football and a business manager which preceded his return to football as a top manager which led him to the England job.