Danteworlds: Inferno by Guy P. Raffa
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 3 March 2013

Danteworlds: Inferno

Author: Guy P. Raffa

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

I have searched long and hard for study guides and the like to better my understanding of Dante Alighieri's La Divina Comedia. This look at the first part of the poem, L'Inferno, must rank as one of the best for both student or enthusiast.

Unlike many Dante guides or the notes which accompany many editions and translations Raffa doesn't take the canto by canto approach but rather structures his guide circle by circle so that the reader can journey through hell the same way Dante did. Raffa assures us that after teaching and lectureing on Dante for many years, this is the best approach for students.

Thouroughly researched, Raffa goes deep into the characters and allusions in L'Inferno. This is a must read for those who have found Dante's references obscure and medieval florentine politics hard going. Well layed out, with a focused synopsis for each circle of Dante's journey containing relevant and detailed information about the encounters and deeper meanings of L'Inferno to give a greater understanding to the modern reader regarding one of the world's literary masterpieces. Read Dante... then read Raffa.