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Dario Argento

By James Gracey

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Dario Argento by James Gracey
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 11 January 2012

I searched high and low for critical writing on the Italian master horror movie director Dario Argento (even struggling to find something in Italy) so I was very happy to stumble upon James Gracey's book in the Melbourne store Minotour.

The book is part of what looks to be a great series on film makers by Kamera Books. The formula for this work is very neat and tidy, beginning with a concise overview of the director's work and life before going through the Argento's work one piece at a time in great detail, covering plot, film making techniques and background to the project.

This is by no means a biography and is written for lovers or students of film making rather than fans of Dario Argento, however there is plenty of insight into the thoughts of one of horror's most celebrated cult figures. The book is so complete that I even discovered Argento movies to look up which I had not previously known about. Well worth a quick read.

Author James Gracey keeps a Horror movie blog Behind The Couch he was kind enough to post some nice works about my alternate cover concept.