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Terry Moore
Art: Terry Moore

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Echo by Terry Moore
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 6 June 2018

Julie Martin, struggling photographer, sister and soon-to-be ex-wife is taking photos at Moon Lake when an explosion in the sky causes a strange liquid to rain down on her. The liquid metal which now covers her, forms a powerful and temperamental breast plate which give her dangerous new powers and disturbing visions from another life.

Hounded as a fugitive from government agents who want their substance back, Julie is chased through Nevada trusting strangers while trying to discover who is after her and what secrets lie behind her strange new powers and visions.

Terry Moore creates a fantastic yet believable tale with emotive black and white artwork which puts ordinary characters in extraordinary circumstances. His strong female characters are particularly notable and his approach to story telling is refreshing in a genre which is filled with cliché.

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