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The Fabric of The Cosmos

Brian Greene

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
The Fabric of The Cosmos by Brian Greene
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 26 January 2012

For anyone interested in physics but doesn't have the nouse to understand why E=Mc2 this is a great read. Brian Greene explains both Newtonian physics regarding the world we operate in as well as the sub atomic universe of Einstein and beyond, delving into the new and exciting M and String theories.

Far from a text book, Greene uses everyday examples, Characters from The Simpsons, and other clever pop culture analogies to explain difficult concepts. Furthermore, using layman's terms to describe the many wonders which create the universe we live in and the theories therein.

The subject matter (pun intended) is limitless and naturally complex therefore it is quite amazing that Greene (who clearly knows his stuff) is able to step back and tone down the big words and with excellent diagrams really give an insight into a topic which many may have struggled to understand. Greene covers a lot of ground (or space) without getting boring, or even after 600 pages, complacent.

This is just the type of book that makes the Popular Penguins series so great, I doubt I ever would have found this book, hidden on the Science books shelf. Highly recommended for those seeking a hitchhiker's guide to the universe. So, sit down, take it all in and you won't have to work too hard.