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Andrew Jennings

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Foul! by Andrew Jennings
Cover design concept by Lorenzo Princi

This unrelenting battering of world football's governing body FIFA fills in the details of the great scandals. I don't think the politics and corruption were ever in doubt but the extremes aren't quite so well known. The writing is witty, punchy and blisteringly fast. Jenning's is firing a thousand rounds a second at Sepp Blatter and Co.

The difficulty I found reading this book was not the pace but rather that it suffers (funnily enough) from Jennings knowing the subject matter too well, he has been living it and his mind is processing everything like a robot; dates, names, places. He jumps from character to character, from year to year and back again in a compelling stream of consciousness. I believe it may have been easier to follow if it followed a chronological time line rather than a thematic one. However, don't let that make it sound too complicated, it still comes together very well.

Ultimately the book is a must read for any lover of the game who is interested in any off-field aspect of the world game. A great commentary by a journalist who specialises in digging up the dirt. I'm not sure if it will appeal to the less politically savvy football fan, who this book is ultimately for.