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Blood: A Tale

By J.M. DeMatteis
Artwork by Kent Williams

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Blood: A Tale by J.M. DeMatteis
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 31 August 2012
Born of blood, he was named Blood... and he become blood...

Blood is a strange tale, a disturbing read and a difficult comic to comprehend. All that aside, it is captivating, beautiful and enjoyable.

The comic is centred around the life of a vampire known only as Blood. We witness his birth and various other key moments in his life as he seeks to understand what he is and what he is becoming.

We are transported to amazing places filled with elements that seem to sprout right off the pages thanks to Kent Williams' delicate water colours.

Set in no specific time or place, the short plot shows us only a few patches of an epic tapestry. Told from two perspectives; the telling of Blood's story by a spirit in the form of a young girl to an old dying king and also from the view of actual events.

Blood is something wholly different from a standard comic, with unique artwork and dialogue which reads like poetry. This book has an emotive resonance unlike anything I have read in the genre. Blood reminds me of works such as The Little Prince in terms of vast adventure and films of the ilk of Red Desert, where the visual language creates a mood and landscape around us which lives and breathes.