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The Art of Digital Branding

Ian Cocoran

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
The Art of Digital Branding by Ian Cocoran
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 6 January 2012

Ian Cocoran delivers a simple examination of branding in the online environment. Beginning with a helpful overview of all the internet jargon which should be helpful to people in marketing rather than web development. The book then goes on to review some of the best and worst practices in use online by some of the world's foremost brands (accompanied with screen grabs of course).

The book works well because Cocoran focuses on brand and what companies are doing to enhance, compliment or harm their brand. Cocoran isn't interested in web development best practices or what looks pretty (nice design doesn't necessarily make for good branding), he is focusing on whether a company has or hasn't done justice to their offline brand by using the internet to get relevant content and useful services to their customers.

As a designer working in the web space I found this a very useful and enjoyable read which was at worst good revision and at best highlighted some overlooked simple approaches to ensure a brand is successfully migrated to the online environment.