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Harry 20 On The High Rock

Gerry Finley-Day
Art: Alan Davis

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi
Harry 20 On The High Rock by Gerry Finley-Day
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 1 March 2013
The only thing they can't take away is his longing to be free!

A fun serialised comic strip from 2000AD collected here in one edition. Harry 20 tells the story of Harry Thompson's incarceration on the high rock, a prison one hundred mile above the earth in orbit.

Though the prison houses some very dangerous criminals, Harry is sent there for nothing more than smuggling food to those less fortunate, on a trumped up charge of having made a profit from these dealings. On the high rock, he soon makes an enemy of the prison warden and his head of security and other inmates. Making it highly likely he won't stay alive long enough to complete his twenty year sentence. Enlisting the help of his cell mates Genghis and Ben 90, Harry is hell bent on making an escape.

The story is fast paced, filled with close calls and cliff-hangers as well as some shocking twists and turns. Reading the three or four page "progs" all in one go is quite amusing too, as you get a recap of the last four pages every time you start the next. Though that would make more sense when they were a week or so apart on their original run and helped new readers understand what was going on, I found it a bit strange in the context of a complete edition but they didn't seem too out of place.

All in all, a great action adventure prison break story set in space about the corruption of power and the will to be free.