Words Fail Me by Teresa Monachino
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 14 September 2014

Words Fail Me

Author: Teresa Monachino
Artist: Teresa Monachino

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

This little book is as tongue in cheek as its title. A clever and sideways look at the English language which exposes all the quirks, contradictions and uncertainties of the world's most spoken language. Monachino ask, among other things, such loaded questions as:

“Why is abbreviation such a long word” 

“Why is lisp so hard to say if you have one?” 

Being a Phaidon publication, the book is also layed out very well by Monachino and illustrates the point made on each page through clever typography.

Though not a very long read, it is a highly enjoyable one which will have you in stitches. It won't be long before your reciting phrases by the water cooler. The book also acts as a good lead in to Bill Bryson's similar subject matter in his book Mother Tongue.