Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files by John Wagner
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 19 January 2013

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files

Author: John Wagner

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

“I am the law!”
The Complete Case Files of Judge Dredd is a collection series featuring in chronological order all of Judge Dredd's crime fighting exploits in Mega-City-One. Having been wanting to read this for some time now, the collection helps a great deal, as I would have had no idea where to being otherwise.rnrnInitially published in 2000 AD's magazine as part of many other "thrills", the stories themselves are short, sharp and simple as Dredd patrols the streets of the great future metropolis Mega-City-One as Judge, Jury and sometimes Executioner.

Judge Dredd is a comic series in the true sense of the word. Full of tongue in cheek plots and strange characters. The writer's used robots, mutants and other wondrous creatures in their science fiction universe to tackle serious themes such as slavery, revolution, racism and the like, within the setting of a totalitarian state where "Judges" police the city with the authority and training to investigate, prosecute and sentence offenders.rnrnJudge Dredd himself is the epitome of stoicism. An elite crime stopping unit, he serves the Hall of Justice with the strictest interpretation of the law. He doesn't bend or show emotion (even when deciding to judge his own brother). His robotic nature is demonstrated by the artists by never showing the character with his helmet off. Ironically, the humanity in the series comes from the child like robot Walter, who is pretty much Dredd's only friend.

The series is very good, entertaining and action packed. Told from the viewpoint of a central character who though we follow and support, upholds laws which would have us sacrifice the freedoms we believe our right.