Red by Warren Ellis
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 19 February 2013


Author: Warren Ellis
Artist: Cully Hammer

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

“He's a man. The way we used to recognize men, I mean.”
Paul Moses is an ex-CIA agent looking to live out his retirement in well deserved peace and quite. When the new CIA director looks to tie up all old loose ends, Paul finds himself on the wrong end of an assassination attempt. This is perhaps the most brutally, action packed and quick comic I have ever read and readers will no doubt breeze through it like a bullet in one sitting. A solid spy genre piece that entertains with it fun dialogue by Ellis and creative artwork by Hammer which flashes across pages like muzzle blasts.

I'm not sure how the managed to adapt this short, tight and linear story into a full feature film but whether you've seen the movie or not, this one is worth the twenty minutes it will take you to read. If you've enjoyed comics such as A History of Violence or Bullet To The Head and your looking for your next action fix, this one is definitely for you.