Bone by Jeff Smith
Cover Concept by Lorenzo Princi, 23 February 2013


Author: Jeff Smith

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

Bone is a charming, encharting and addictive tale full of suspense, adventure and laughter.

Starting in the vein of the Dante's Inferno, the three Bone cousins Fone, Phoney and Smiley are lost, wandering a great desert after their exile from Boneville. First losing their way and soon each other, it isn't long before they are swept up in and adventure which will decide not only their own fate but that of the world.

Bone is a story about belonging, acceptance and finding one's home. Blending influences from European fairy tales, Eastern myth and Aboriginal spirituality, Jeff Smith has created a unique disney-esque epic fantasy suitable and enjoyable for both young and old. 

Filled with wonderful characters and creatures, Bone has the whimsical charm only a comic strip can create which allows both funny dialogue and fantastic art to work in unison.