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The Invisibles by Grant Morrison

The Invisibles

Author: Grant Morrison

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

“Enjoy your ignorance while it lasts.”

Beneath the perceived reality and the life beyond, between the subtext and behind the curtain. On the other side of every mirror is a one way window a...

The Mystery Play by Grant Morrison

The Mystery Play

Author: Grant Morrison
Artist: Jon J Muth

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

“Face the fact that God is dead and we are free to do whatever we want...”

In The Mystery Play, a detective comes to Townely, a small English town to investigate the murder of an actor who had been playing God in a small loca...

X-Men: New X-Men by Grant Morrison

X-Men: New X-Men

Author: Grant Morrison
Artist: Frank Quietly

Reviewed by Lorenzo Princi

“Mutant music, mutant styles, mutant ideas are becoming more and more fashionable...”

Wasting no time, Grant Morrison enters with a bang, setting up his own X-Men world with a three part opener in which a powerful bring destroys Ma...